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Creating a Sales Plan

Considering my Side Hustle is going to fund my retirement, sales and marketing is probably the most pressing need right now.  Since I work as an accountant for a food service company, I have bookkeeping and tax preparation skills.  I … Continue reading

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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Since monetizing this blog is part of my retirement savings strategy, I have become an Amazon Affiliate.  You can see my affiliate link on the sidebar. It is very easy for you to setup your own affiliate program with Amazon. Go … Continue reading

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How to Install a Free WordPress Theme on Bluehost

I recently created the bluehost account and after installing WordPress, I noticed all the themes were $39 and up.  This is how I loaded a free theme: Go to Select your theme and click download, do not unzip the … Continue reading

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Starting Financial Condition

I have to start the blog with where I am currently and where I want to go. I have $1,539.30 in savings.  I have approximately $100 in a savings account, that generates 0.85% interest, $1,082.02 in a brokerage account, with … Continue reading

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