90 Day Plan To Quit My Job

Like so many of you, I am not satisfied with my job.  My wife is finishing her teaching requirements next week and should start working next August.  Our current monthly expenses are approximately $3,250, although they will go up a few thousand for day care expenses soon.  Once she starts working, I will maintain paying about $2,250 of those expenses.  Working from home, I have a net margin of 70%  That means I need to earn $38,571 in revenue to break even.

In 90 days I will start my own accounting practice.  I have not given notice yet, but June 23rd will be my last day.

I have already done most of the leg work in starting my business.  I have registered with the Georgia SOS, local county, have a bank account and tax preparation software.  I have also purchased a website address for the business. YTD I have only earned a little over $1,100, albeit part time, so sales is my top priority.  The next 90 days I will work on getting leads, contacts, social marketing and other tasks to hit the ground running in 90 days.

Please check back to see my progress.

Week 1:

The first few days have passed since my decision.  Day 2 I got a new tax client through a referral.  Day 3 my wife was offered a job next school term and I notified my boss that he will need to start looking for a replacement. Now I am committed, so no going back!  I also continued to email people for tax services, even though tax season is almost over.

Week 2:

I did not do much this week, sent a few emails and postcards.

Week 3:

My timeline has changed!  I had taken Tuesday off to handle some errands and I got a call at 8:15 am that my boss had been fired. I was shocked. I enjoyed working with him and am not looking forward to the extra workload on my part until they find a replacement. I made a bold move and gave my two weeks notice. 

Week 4:

I completed my last return for the season this week. I also sent a few postcards and emails, plus sent my Resume out to a couple companies that may have a need for a part-time controller. Nothing really promising yet…

Week 5:

Worked my last day. Before leaving, I told my employer I would be willing to work PT if needed as an outsourced contractor. They told me they would think about it, which really means “no thanks.” I’m a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I will post about my sales efforts in another post.

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2 Responses to 90 Day Plan To Quit My Job

  1. Good luck to you! And kudos for getting things set up before making it official with your current employer–a wise move!

    • HopeToRetire says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! Been busy this week at work, but taking a 4 day weekend for the dual purpose of using up some PTO days and making contacts.

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