Legal Engagement Letter

All new client engagements should have the scope of services and fees adequately defined. Otherwise, you are inviting unnecessary risk to you or your firm.  See below for a sample of an engagement letter for legal representation:


(Client Name and address)

Dear (Client):

I’m pleased that you’ve chosen (firm name) to represent (client) (the “Company”) in connection with (legal matter.) I want to confirm the terms of the representation that we have discussed in this letter.

  1. Client

You have asked us to represent the Company in this matter. The interests of the Company and its individual officers, directors, or shareholders are likely to be the same, but if there should be a divergence of interests, we will represent the Company and the individuals will need to retain their own lawyers.

  1. Scope of Representation

Our primary task will be to (outcome desired.) I anticipate that we’ll be providing the following services to the Company: (list.) This may not be a complete list of the work we need to do, and it may be necessary for us to discuss, and agree upon, the particular services the Company would like us to perform from time to time.

We anticipate this matter concluded by (date.) As we have discussed, the first step will be for us to review the Company documents relating to the matter. We anticipate being able to complete this review and to provide you with a preliminary report within (#) days after you supply the documents to us. After we review the documents, we’ll have a better idea of the time that may be required to complete this matter.

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