Husband and Wife LLC Operating Agreement

If you share a business with your husband or wife, you should have a written agreement to protect your interests.




The parties to this agreement (the “members”), who are husband and wife, are entering into this agreement for the purpose of forming a limited liability company (the “company”) under the Limited Liability Company Act of the state of [name of state of organization] (the “Act”).



1.1 Name. The name of the company is [name of company].

1.2 Articles of Organization. Articles of organization for the company were filed with the secretary of state for the state of [State of organization] on [date].

1.3 Duration. The company will exist until dissolved as provided in this agreement.

1.4 Principal Office. The company’s principal office will initially be at [address of principal office], but the members may relocate it at any time.

1.5 Registered Office and Registered Agent. The company’s initial registered office will be at [address of registered office], and the name of its initial registered agent at that address will be [name of registered agent]. The company’s registered agent and registered office can only be changed by filing a notice of the change with the secretary of state for the state in which the articles of organization of the company were filed.

1.6 Purposes and Powers. The company is formed for the purpose of engaging in any lawful business that a limited liability company may engage in under the Act. The company has the power to do all things necessary, incident, or in furtherance of those businesses.

1.7 Title to Assets. Title to all assets of the company will be held in the name of the company. No member has any right to the assets of the company or any ownership interest in those assets except indirectly as a result of the member’s ownership of an interest in the company. No member has any right to partition any assets of the company or any right to receive any specific assets on the winding up of the business of the company or on any other distribution from the company. Assets of the company may not be commingled with those of a member or any other person.


2.1 Members. The names and addresses of the members of the company, the amounts of their initial capital contributions, and their initial ownership interests are:

Name and Address of Parties     Contribution Amount     Percentage Ownership

Each member’s ownership interest at any time will be determined by the ratio of that member’s aggregate capital contributions to the aggregate capital contributions of both members.

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