Email List Building and Marketing for Bloggers

What do Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Brian Clark (CopyBlogger),and Nathan Hangen (Kissmetrics) have in common? They recognize and promote the importance of email marketing!

Pat Flynn even created a 34 page free eBook all about email marketing in order to build his list. You can download with just an email address here.

Pat states his biggest mistake in starting out blogging, was not building his email list right away. I’ve only been doing this a few months, but ran across a copyblogger post that opened my eyes to the importance of email marketing. You can read it here.

The post stating “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter” really caught my attention. That quote is taken from a McKinsey & Company article in January 2014. In the blog-o-sphere, 2014 might as well be 1950, but a different quote has probably stood the test of time, “91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily…” In summary, email gets in front of a lot of people that buy!

While the consumers are there, they are bombarded by spam. You must get personal and have valuable content in your emails in order to gain trust and increase open rates.

Kissmetric’s blog on beginning a successful email campaign talks about getting permission, following up on expectations of the subscribers and analyzing the data. You can read it here.

Emails also need to be optimized for mobile devices, especially if to a personal email address. When I’m at work and I get the email arrival tone from my personal phone, I almost always pick my phone up to review the message. I decide then and there if it is important enough to read, save for when I get home (and read on an iPad) or delete if spammy. I do not read my personal emails from my work computer. I bet a lot of others are like me.

Besides the design being optimized for mobile devices, the email should be brief. Any personal time between 8a – 5p is extremely brief while at work. When I get home, I am with the kids, so that time is just as valuable. At 8p, I am finally ready to read your email if nothing good is on television. Make your email brief and I will read immediately and sometimes make a decision on the spot if their is an effective call to action.

Besides optimizing for mobile users, the subject line must catch my attention or explain what the email is about. The next 2 sentences need to have value or I stop reading and delete the message.

I signed up MailChimp as my email service provider this past weekend. I’m not sure how their service stacks up to the competition, but you cannot beat their price, free! I suppose the next step for me is to build that great give-away in exchange for email addresses like Pat Flynn.

I only have a few subscribers here and do not create enough consistent content to market my blog, but I need to work on my email copy for my tax and accounting services. My mailing list their is almost 400 business owners and decision makers at companies in my local market.

Please share any of your successes and failures in email marketing to continue the discussion. You can also sign up to my list if you want. Let me know what you are interested in and I will email you if I create a related post in the future.

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