About me

My wife and I have been married over 17 years and have 4 wonderful children.  She is a public school teacher.  I am a CPA in South Georgia. I work from my home, providing audit, consulting and tax services in Georgia and Florida.

The Great Recession, me returning to school in 2008 and my wife in 20013, and starting a business have been hard on our retirement. I currently have a little over 60K in an IRA, $5,000 in a HSA and 14 months of cash savings left. While it could be worse, I am nearly 40.

My goal is to use side businesses to help fund my retirement. I want to generate retirement savings of $500,000 by age 66. I need to save approximately $8,000 annually to get there. I invest in a separate savings account, taxable brokerage account and a DRIP fund.

I will keep you all informed on my successes and failures.

If you are in Georgia and Florida and needing an audit, email me at cory@sidehustleretirement.com. I can meet with you for a proposal.