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GASB Statement No. 83: Certain Asset Retirement Obligations

Effective after year ending June 15, 2018, GASB has issued Statement No. 83 for AROs. It is intended to establish criteria for determining the timing and pattern of recognition of a liability and a corresponding deferred outflow of resources for … Continue reading

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How To Get Past The Receptionist On A Sales Call

You finally mustered up the courage to use the phone to sale your service. When you call your target customer, the person answering the phone quickly sends you packing. While this may be demoralizing to you, it’s not personal, it’s his … Continue reading

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Joint Venture Agreement

If you are considering a joint venture with another company, make sure you have a signed agreement in place that spells out the product, service or other outcomes desired and how the joint venture will be managed. Your agreement will … Continue reading

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Statutory Close Corporations in Georgia

Certain licensed individuals or groups can elect to practice as a professional corporation. My personal business is organized in the State of Georgia this way. The specific rule in Georgia is O.C.G.A. § 14-7-1. Please note that I am not licensed … Continue reading

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Negotiating A Raise

When I left my last position, I did not negotiate properly. I felt that I was underpaid compared to others (since payroll was under my duties, I saw what everyone else made.) I gave a two-week notice, but gave them … Continue reading

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Finding Your Desire

I started reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill this weekend. Last week was a difficult week in my journey, so I needed an uplifting book. I have seen numerous posts in the past where this book has been credited with … Continue reading

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Writing A Business Plan

Your business plan is a document that: Describes your new or existing business Defines your customer’s needs and your ability to meet them Examines your competitors strengths and weaknesses Addresses barriers to success Details marketing strategy to get your share … Continue reading

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Trend Analysis In Sales Forecasting

Plato once said “a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”  That stood for approximately 2,400 years, but I do not believe that is the case anymore. We can use numbers coupled with knowledge to guide our … Continue reading

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Credit Utilization Rate

As mentioned in a previous post, 30% of your FICO credit score is based on your credit utilization rate. If you have a $2,000 balance on your credit cards and a total credit limit of $5,000, your credit utilization rate … Continue reading

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Managing Credit Responsibly

I have very good credit now, my current FICO score is 821. This has allowed me to finance used cars below 3.9% APR or obtain credit cards if needed. I only have 3 cards currently, a Discover, Master Card and … Continue reading

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